American Bulldog Leather Dog Muzzle Boxer Grey

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These handmade dog muzzles are intended for Boxers, American Bulldogs and other dog breeds with similar snout. May also fit Rottweilers. Made out of genuine leather. This is a secure comfortable training dog muzzle with 2 adjustable straps. Muzzle made out of genuine leather. It gives your dog plenty of air due to a great ventilation.

Please maesure circumference and length of your dog's snout to confirm size.

Size M         Ref 0598
A - 13" or 33 cm.
B - 2" or 5 cm.

Size L          Ref 0599
A - 15" or 38 cm.
B - 2" or 5 cm.

A is circumference of dog's snout.
B is length of dog's snout.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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From $11.99
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