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Double Dog Leash Coupler on CollarDirect

We present to you our well-made 2 dog leash for dogs that is sturdy but very soft to the touch. Made out of genuine leather, this dog leash coupler is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from puppies to adult dogs of the largest breeds. This handmade double dog leash makes it way easier to walk both your dogs at the same time without having to use two separate leashes, that always tend to tangle up. Clip this dog leash coupler on to your regular dog leash and walk all your pets simultaneously! Our leash couplers are available in two sizes: M and L. Here you can get a 2 dog leash that is 16 inches long.
We have a great selection of dog leashes on our website. In addition to 2 dog leashes you can get braided dog leads, rolled leather dog leads and many more.

Stylish Well-Made Double Leash

Our 2 dog leash is designed to be save and durable. These dog leash couplers come with an O ring and two snap locks. We use only heavy duty hardware that will not lose its shine in time. Beautiful simplistic design gives this double dog leash a timeless classic look. Enjoy the comfort of walking, running or hiking with both of your dogs while only using one 2 dog leash. Our leash couplers come in several bright colors that match our beautiful collars. Feel free to choose a perfect combo!