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Muzzle for Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel Muzzle, Beagle Muzzle on CollarDirect

Our Beagle muzzle, Cocker Spaniel muzzle, basket muzzle for Jack Russell Terriers is made out of soft but durable genuine leather. This secure comfortable muzzle is perfect for training, protection against bites, stopping scavenging and trash eating, taking a trip to the vet's or the groomers. Ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place. Basket muzzle for Jack Russell is also available on our website. Basket design is very comfortable and gives all-around protection. Our muzzles is designed not to limit dog’s welfare or happiness. Our muzzle is fully adjustable, quick and easy to fit.

Measuring Your Dog for a Beagle Muzzle

First, using a soft measuring tape, measure from the very tip of your dog’s nose along the bridge of it to just below the point between dog’s eyes. Usually it is best to add approximately a quarter of an inch as you do not want the muzzle to be pressing right up against your dog’s nose. The second measurement you need to take is the circumference of your dog’s snout around the widest part. Again, it’s a good idea to add another half an inch to allow free movement. Sizing is important, so please make sure you measure your dog carefully, to ensure the correct size is purchased. There must be enough space inside the muzzle to allow comfortable fit.