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Braided Leather Dog Collars in Various Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Look no further to find beautiful stylish braided dog collars. Our braided leather dog collars are made out of soft and durable full grain genuine leather, which is smooth and pleasant to the touch. These braided collars are lightweight and comfortable. They are intended for dogs of various breeds and sizes, from extra small to medium ones. They will look great on Beagles, Poodles, Dachshunds, Spaniels, Boxers, Bulldogs and dogs of other breeds.
Personalized braided leather collars are also available. Personalized dog ID tags allow you to engrave up to four lines of contact information on your braided dog collars depending on their size, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc. If you enjoy braided look you should also check out our braided leashes. We can offer you classic braided leashes, short traffic leashes and slip show leashes. You can mix and match to get an interesting look, or you can view our premade matching braided collar and leash sets. If you want to have more control over your pet - dog choke collars will also be a great option for you, or you can get a classic buckle dog collar that would look great on any pet!

Soft and Beautiful Braided Leather Dog Collars

Our braided leather dog collars are made out of soft genuine leather so they will be a good choice for pets with sensitive skin. You can personalize your braided dog collars to make your pet extra safe and stylish. All our items are supplied with good quality hardware to ensure long lasting wear.