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When we design our dog collar and leash set, we make sure that our customers can find a paring that they most prefer. To aid you with your choice we created this matching dog leash and collar set. Choose a dog collar and leash combination to get a stylish and effortless look. Here you can find dog leash and collar set in an array of styles, materials, sizes and colors. We also offer muzzles for dogs - you can get one out of leather or nylon on our website.

Choose the Perfect Dog Leash and Collar Set

If you are looking for an elegant and comfortable dog collar and leash set, check out our wonderful dog collars and leashes made out of soft yet durable genuine leather. These collars feel very gentle on your dog’s neck and will fit pets with sensitive skin. Soft leather dog leashes are very comfortable to the touch. You can also choose a studded leather collar and leash set for a fierce and stylish look. Make sure to view our rolled round leather dog collar and leash set. It is great for long haired dog breeds because round shape helps to prevent tangled and matted fur around your pet’s neck. It looks nice on other breeds too.
Nylon material is also a great choice. Being soft yet strong and flexible, matching sets out of this material are great for outdoor activities, training and walking your pet as they don’t obstruct your dog’s movement. If you want your pet to be extra safe and stylish – check out our beautiful personalized dog collar and leash set. Custom collars for dogs with personalized metal buckles allow you to engrave up to 4 lines of contact information, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc.
Dog leash and collar set with reflective tape will also be a great way to ensure your pets safety. Reflective material makes dog visible to car drivers.
Martingale matching dog collar and leash set is also available. Martingale dog collars are designed to provide you with more control over your dog. Our beautiful and comfortable martingale training collars combine the convenience of an adjustable collar with the added safety and control of a choke-style collar.
All the collars are supplied with good quality buckles and hardware to ensure long lasting wear.
After your dog is set with a new collar and leash - view our selection of dog toys.They will provide you with both fun and exersise!