Collection: Leather Leash for your Dog

Handmade Genuine Leather Dog Leash in Different Styles

Here you can find a great durable and stylish leather leash for your dog. Made out of soft yet sturdy genuine leather, our beautiful best leather leashes for dogs are well-made and lightweight, so both you and your pet will feel comfortable while walking, training and playing.
Our leather leashes for dogs are intended for dogs of various breeds and sizes, from extra small, toy, miniature and small dog breeds to extra large ones.
We offer classic leather leashes, rolled leather leashes, slip show leashes, multi leashes, short traffic leashes, leash couplers, braided and studded leashes and many more. If you prefer fabric leashes, check out our nylon dog leads.
You can choose best leather dog leash that will match your dog’s harness or you can buy a perfect collar and leash set.

Stylish Well-Made Leather Leashes for Dogs

Even if your dog tends to pull, our leather leash is designed not to hurt your hand but still allow you to have a good grip on your pet.
We have beautiful personalized leather dog leash in various styles to go with our leather dog leashes. Feel free to choose a perfect combo!
An array of different styles and bright vibrant colors will satisfy every owners taste.
All our items are supplied with good quality hardware to ensure long lasting wear.