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Nylon Dog Leash / Nylon Lead for Dogs in Different Sizes on CollarDirect

We present to you our well-made nylon dog leash / nylon dog leads that are sturdy but very soft to the touch. Made out of durable yet soft and flexible nylon, this best nylon leash for dogs issuitable for all breeds and sizes, from puppies to adult dogs of the largest breeds. You can choose nylon leash that match your dog’s collar or you can buy a perfect collar and leash set. We have beautiful personalized nylon dog collars in various styles to go with our nylon leash.
If you prefer leather leashes, look at our slip leads for dogs. They are great if your dog tends to pull - these leads are designed to tighten around pet's neck and cause discomfort. In this way dog can break a habit of pulling.
Another leash option amongst leather leashes is a traffic leash. Short traffic leashes are great for large dogs - they especially come in handy when walking your dog in a crowd or crossing a road.

Stylish Well-Made Nylon Leash

Even if your dog tends to pull, our long nylon dog leash is designed not to hurt your hand but still allow you to have a good grip on your pet. Check out our all-purpose multi-functional nylon dog leash. It can be used as a multi length leash or a double dog leash, as well as short traffic leash. We use heavy duty hooks and other hardware that will not lose its shine in time. Many of our nylon dog leash comes in bright vibrant colors to match our beautiful collars. Feel free to choose a perfect combo!