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Soft Genuine Leather Greyhound Collar and Leash Set

Check out our beautiful collar and leash sets for Greyhounds and Whippets. Our matching sets come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find the one that will meet all your requirements.
Greyhounds and Whippets often have very sensitive skin, so getting one of our soft padded collars is a great choice. The outside of these collars is made out of sturdy full grain genuine leather, while the inside is padded with extra soft leather. This way you can get a durable long lasting collar that will not irritate your pet’s skin. When you purchase a matching Greyhound collar and leash set, you will get this collar with a soft rolled leather leash.
Martingale collars are a popular choice of collar for Greyhounds. These collars are made out of soft and durable genuine leather. Martingale collars have a special construction – an adjustable loop is attached to the collar, so when you pull on a leash collar tightens around your pet’s neck. Usually they fit loosely.
Soft padded leather martingale collars are wider at the front and taper down to the edges. This is a color style designed especially for Greyhounds – these collars due to their shape sit snugly and securely.
You can also check out our studded Greyhound collar and leash sets. With silver studs around the side, these collars look extra stylish.

Beautiful and Durable Whippet Collar and Leash Sets

Our Greyhound and Whippet collar and leash sets are available in a variety of vibrant colors for you to pick from. They come in sizes from 2XS to L so they are suited for dogs of different breeds. You can choose a leash length that is most comfortable for you – we have leashes that are four and six feet long.
All our Greyhound and Whippet collar and leash sets are supplied with good quality hardware to ensure long lasting wear.