Blank Dog Tags for Engraving

Stylish Heavy Duty Blank Pet Tags

We present to you a selection of blank metal dog tags for engraving. Here you can find blank pet ID tags and nameplates in various styles and colors. Up to four lines of contact information can be engraved on blank metal ID tags, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc. Nameplates can fit up to three lines of information.

Each pet has a unique character. Celebrate your pet’s individuality with a stylish shiny nametag! It will be a great addition to a beautiful collar.

Best Blank Pet Tags For Engraving

Stainless steel blank tags are available in a huge variety of shapes: heart, bone, disk, oval and more. You can get blank dog tags for engraving in different materials: 24K gold plated, solid brass or stainless steel.  You can also order blank nameplates shaped like a rectangle or an oval. Each nameplate can be attached with two matching rivets to a collar of your choice.  

Best blank dog tags for engraving for nylon collars are slide-on tags. They come with or without side cuts, so you can choose the shape that you find most convenient. All our blank pet id tags are hand polished and stonewashed by professionals to create an ideally smooth surface.

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