Engraved Enamel Dog Tags for Pets

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Beautiful Custom Enamel Dog Tags

Our enamel pet ID tags for dogs come in a variety of colors and styles. An array of enamel dog ID tags for pets are available for you to choose from. Enamel pet tags with witty text and paw print design will be a great fun addition to your pet’s collar. We designed our enamel dog tags for pets to match our popular colorful collars so now you can enjoy both! Check out our enamel pet tags with a hart, paw print and bone designs in the middle. You can pick the color of the enamel to match your pet’s collar, or get a different colored one to make an interesting pairing. Keep in mind that all our paint colors are mixed by hand without any special equipment, so the color shades may slightly vary. For those pet owners who want to be extra patriotic, we present enamel dog ID tags with Union Jack and Stars and Stripes designs.  

Our Personalized Enamel Dog Tags for Pets

You also have an option to get personalized enamel dog tags for pets. We can engrave up to four lines of contact information on pet ID tags, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc. Enamel pet tags can help any pet look gorgeous, especially if paired with one of our collars. Create a perfect combination to showcase your pet’s unique style! When you buy enamel dog tags for pets, make sure you have your pet information ready so we can engrave it right away.