Dog Multi Leash 6 Way European Lead Gray

Dog Multi Leash 6 Way European Lead Gray

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This amazing multi functional dog leash allows to be used as a 4, 5 or 6 feet leash, double dog leash as well as a hands free leash. It has 3 heavy duty lock rings and can be used as a short or a long tether leash. This gray leash is great for hands free walking in town and also easily makes into a good sidewalk length. Great to train a dog. It will look great on small and medium breeds. This versatile leash is a joy to use. 

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Properties Features
Length 4 ft,5 ft,6 ft
Leash Type Classic Leather Dog Leash,Training Dog Leash,Multi Functional Dog Leash,Hands Free Dog Leash
Color Grey
Color Variations
Dog Multi Leash 6 Way European Lead Pink
1 sizes available
From $14.99
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