Dog Toy Puller Interactive Training Extra Large Maxi Purple

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This toy is designed for medium and large dogs. This product helps to develop strong grip by working out dog’s jaw muscles. Puller maxi is extra thick and has a cavity on the inner side to allow you to hold the toy firmly.

It is perfect for PitBull Terriers, Cane Corso, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, American Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherd dogs (Malinois) and other large dogs.



Puller is a great thing to use to improve your dog’s health. You will not have to worry about your dog’s obesity and locomotorium issues.

This toy is designed to help your dog cope with aggression and disobedience.

It’s a perfect tool that helps your pet to spend it’s excessive energy, and as a result – prevent furniture damage and other misbehaviors. 

Doing just three simple exercises with Puller during a twenty-minute exercise session is as beneficial for your pet’s wellbeing as five km of intensive running or a two-hour training session with a specialized instructor. 



This lightweight yet durable product is very maneuverable.

This amazing dog toy is made out of unique material that is odorless and soft enough for your dog to hold it comfortably, but very durable and maintains its shape well.

Puller is lightweight, so both owner and pet can spend as much time training or playing, as they like, without getting tired. Puller maxi is great for spring pull training.

It floats on the surface of water, so you can enjoy water activities with your pet. It’s vibrant color makes it very visible and easy to spot.



Puller maxi has an internal diameter of 18 cm (7"), external diameter of 30 cm (11 4/5").


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