Celebrities and their Pet Dogs

Celebrities and their Pet Dogs

Drooped on your couch, your fingers buried in the soft fur of your dog is the best sensation in the world. It seems to take your mind off of all the anxiety and horror you had to face for the day before returning home to the simplest, most precious source of happiness, your dog.

Dogs are by a renowned fact the most loyal animals in the world. Many individuals (mostly young adults between 20 to 35 years) and families as a whole have dogs as pets, who treat them with a lot of love and consider them a family member more than a pet. Researches have shown that individuals living alone all around the globe are fonder of dogs than families because they are a source of joy and reduce depression due to loneliness. Likewise, many young celebrities who have their own separate houses or apartments and who might be facing some difficulties in their love lives have pet dogs to keep them company.

Celebrities that bought and rescued many species of dogs from dog shelters and pet stores are often caught by the paparazzi jogging or walking with them around the city’s roads with a leather dog collar or fancy dog harnesses rolled round their necks.

1.American Musician Usher bought a Golden Doodle puppy and named it Scarlet.

2.Britney Spears is an avid dog lover for she has 5 dogs. One dog named Hannah, another is Lacy Loo, two Chihuahuas named BitBit and Lucky, and a Yorkshire Terrie named London. Her most favorite and famous one Hannah also has a twitter account @hannahspears with a jaw-dropping fan following.

3.Selena Gomez has rescued five dogs and since has been like a mother to the lot. She has eight years old boxer-shepherd mix named Wallace, a 7-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback mix named Fina, a 7-year-old corgi mix named Chip, a Labrador-retriever mix named Willie, and a 2-year-old Puerto Rican breed named Chazz.

4.Charlize Theron has rescued four dogs, the fourth one, Tucker, being the latest and the most famous one of her rescues.

5.Zooey Deschanel from the famous TV show ‘New Girl’ adopted a pair of adorable and fluffy siblings from Bill Foundation in Los Angeles who she named Zelda and Dot.

6.Rachel Bilson adopted a Penny Lane along with her co-star/boyfriend, and even though the couple broke up, Rachel still owns Penny as her family.

In addition to the names mentioned above, there are other celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Jane Lynch from Glee, Kellan Lutz, Jon Hamm, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Orlando Bloom etcetera, who have been found walking their dogs, in rolled leather dog collars with attractive and customized dog id tags hanging down their dog’s harnesses.

The love for dogs has been taking over the YouTube world as well, as famous youtubers show off their adorable puppies in their channels. This not only helps them get more view but also increases their subscriber count in the category of ‘dog lovers’. Some examples of famous youtube celebrities with dogs are Zoella with her dog Nala, Shane Dawson with his dog Uno, Fleur with Squidge, Treacle and Piglet, and Jenna Marbles with Peach, Cermet and Marbles.

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