Stylish High Quality Dog Collars

Stylish High Quality Dog Collars

Collars are a great way to accessorize. Nowadays there are many different collars for various dog breeds, which combine functionality, comfort and style.

We are pet owners ourselves and we know that all dogs are different. They all have distinctive features that should be celebrated. We offer unique styles of collars that not only look beautiful, but are also designed with the needs of every dog breed in mind.

Measuring Your Dog for a Collar

First and most important thing to do before purchasing a collar is measuring your dog correctly. If your dog already has a collar, you might think that you can get away with simply measuring it. It’s not the best way to go about this situation – it is possible that your pet has a different size now or that the previous collar is stretched out. Even the slightest difference in size can be crucial to your pets comfort.

A tool you will need to measure your dog is a soft measuring tape – it will allow you to get the most accurate number. If you don’t have such a tape, there is no need to rush to the store – you can use a piece of fabric, thick thread or a shoe lace. 

Wrap an object of choice around your pet’s neck. It should not be too tight or too loose. For the collar to fit properly, place two fingers between dog’s neck and tape. This will ensure comfortable fit. If you are not using tape, you will have to measure the length of the thread carefully with a ruler. 

If you are not sure about the exact size, get an adjustable collar. If you check out collars on this website, you will see that in the description to each collar we not only specify collar length but also neck fit.

Neck fit is a measurement that shows you how the collar will fit when it’s adjusted to its tightest (first number) and most loose-fitting (second number) possible point. This way if your dog’s neck circumference is anyway between those numbers, you can get the collar and be sure that it will fit nicely.

It’s All About Quality

Today it’s not hard to find a dog collar that you like, as the options are plentiful. However, finding the one that is easy on the eyes as well as qualitative is quite a challenge.

Some manufacturers use poor quality materials for their collars, so they could sell them at lower prices. This is not how we operate – we use only high quality materials to make sure our customers are satisfied. Well-made good quality collar will last you for years and withstand your pet’s activities.

We use only heavy duty hardware that will not rust and loose it’s shine in time.

Our main materials are leather and nylon. They are both durable, comfortable, long lasting and good-looking.

High quality full grain genuine cowhide leather is soft and durable. Nylon is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Consider which material will suit your pet the most and take a look at our style options.

Beautiful Stylish Collars for your Beloved Pets

Here you can find a wide variety of comfortable and beautiful Leather Dog Collars. Genuine leather dog collars are intended for dogs of various breeds and sizes, from extra small, toy, miniature and small dog breeds to extra large ones. In addition to looking great, our leather collars are well-made yet lightweight. They are designed not to cause any discomfort to your pet while training, walking and playing.

Padded Leather Collars

For maximum comfort check out our Padded Leather Collars. The outside of these collars is made out of sturdy full grain genuine leather, while the inside is padded with extra soft leather. This way you can get a durable long lasting collar that is suitable for pets with sensitive skin.

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Rolled Leather Dog Collars are also a great choice. They are made out of soft genuine leather, rolled around a strong nylon rope, which makes them very durable. Rolled leather collars are great for long haired dog breeds because round shape helps to prevent tangled and matted fur around your pet’s neck. They look nice on other breeds too.

Leather Dog Collars with Handle

Our Leather Dog Collars with Handle are suitable for dogs of large breeds. They are designed to provide better control over your dog. Handle is very useful on various occasions in life, for example, when you are crossing the street with your dog or teaching it not to chase cats, or go after prey while hunting. Handle is wide and large so you could hold on to your pet firmly and keep it in place securely when needed.

Buckle Dog Collars

A lot of classic collars come with a metal buckle. Our Buckle Dog Collars are made out of sturdy full grain genuine leather, which makes them durable as well as stylish. The inside of these collars is padded with softer leather to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Metal buckle is durable and does not lose its shine in time.

Dog Choke Collar

If your dog tends to pull on a leash and you want to train it not to do so, Choke Dog Collar is good way to handle this situation. Choke collars are made out of a single stripe of material that creates a loop, so when dog pulls, collar tightens around it’s neck, causing discomfort. Keep in mind that choke collars may cause injury if used incorrectly.

Martingale Dog Collars

Martingale Dog Collars are designed to provide you with more control over your dog. Our beautiful and comfortable martingale collars combine the convenience of an adjustable collar with the control of a choke-style collar.

Martingale collars have a special construction – an adjustable loop is attached to the collar, so when you pull on a leash, collar tightens around your pet’s neck. Usually they fit loosely.

Whipped Greyhound Dog Collars

Whipped Dog Collars are wider at the front and taper down to the edges. This is a color style designed especially for Greyhounds – these collars due to their shape sit snugly and securely.

Personalized Dog Collars

Having a pet is a responsibility as much as it is pleasure, so owners browse the web in the search for collars with dog ID tags to make sure that, if lost, their pet could be returned home safely. Our Personalized Dog Collars  will help you to keep your pet safe.

You can get a collar with a personalized metal buckle or an ID tag. Pet id tags are available in a huge variety of shapes: heart, bone, disk, oval and more. You can get them in different materials too: 24K gold plated, solid brass or stainless steel. Dog collar ID tags with bright colored enamel on them look awesome as well. The colors of our enamel dog collar id tags go perfectly with our various leather collars. You can choose a paring in the same color, or mix and match for cool funky look.

You can also order personalized nameplates shaped like a rectangle or an oval. Each nameplate can be attached with two matching rivets to a collar of your choice.

Best dog tags for nylon collars are slide-on tags. They come with or without side cuts, so you can choose the shape that you find most convenient. All our dog collar ID tags are hand polished and stonewashed by professionals to create an ideally smooth surface.

Reflective Dog Collars

Reflective Dog Collars are designed to keep your pet from harm’s way. A strip of reflective material is stitched on top of leather collar and secured with studs. Such reflective collar is a great choice for evening walks with your pet and is a must-have if you live in a busy neighborhood – it makes dog visible to car drivers.

You should also check out our reflective collars with star design on them – some stars glow in the dark and some reflect light. It will help you spot your dog in the dark easier and make it visible in headlights.

Nylon Dog Collars

Nylon Dog Collars are especially great if your pet enjoys water activities. Water does not cause any damage to these collars – they maintain their shape and softness, and also dry fast.

Each of our nylon dog collars come with black plastic buckle and an adjustment point, which allow it to fit securely on your dog’s neck. If you want your pet to be extra protected, you can get a personalized nylon dog collar. Complete with strong and durable heavy duty laser engraved metal buckle, that collar not only looks great, but is also designed to serve you for years. Custom nylon collars for dogs with personalized metal buckles allow us to engrave up to four lines of contact information, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc.

Braided Leather Dog Collars

If you want something extra glamorous, we are here to offer you Braided Leather Dog Collars. Do not let intricate design fool you – these collars are very durable yet lightweight. You don’t see such collars very often, so getting one for your pet is a great way to make it stand out from the crowd.

Studded and Spiked Dog Collars

For those pet owners that enjoy more detailed collars, we have Studded Dog Collars and Spiked Dog Collars. These look great on dogs of various breeds and sizes, from extra small to extra large ones – they can make even the tiniest Chihuahua look fierce.

Spiked or studded collar can help if you want your pet to be protected from aggressive dogs – spikes and studs on the collar are designed to protect your pet’s neck, as it is a place that dogs often aim for.

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