The Best Dog Breeds for Children

The Best Dog Breeds for Children

Dogs are without doubt the most loyal pets in the world. They can train in a short span of time because of their ability to pick up things really quickly. However, if you have young children and you want to adopt a dog, then your choice for dogs can be limited than if you were alone or had elder children.

When buying a dog with children around the house, one should be careful that the specific dog breed is not very wild or aggressive, because children might not understand that you have to be delicate and careful around a training dog. Toddlers often tend to pull the hair of the dogs which can make a dog angry and act wildly. Care should also be taken that the dog has never tasted blood whether it is of a human’s wound or of any animal, it is better not to take any risk when you have children around.

Some child-friendly dog breeds are:

  • Bulldogs: they are calm and patient dogs. They have a very sweet and gentle state of mind. Their behavior is very predictable and family-oriented which is why they are perfect for families with children. Children would give the bull dogs the attention that they need which can satisfy their demand for socializing.

  • Boxers: are very famous for having affection and gentleness towards children. They, just like bull dogs, love to socialize with people. They love to have playful interaction which Is perfectly the ambiance that having children can provide.
  • Labrador Retriever: not only has a cute and sweet general face expression, but it is also very kind-hearted. They have a very tolerant behavior which in case of children and toddlers is perfect because sometimes children misbehave or throw a tantrum every now and then, and for parents it can be hard to deal with, but the patient temperament of a Labrador retriever means that the dog is less like to get aggressive and harm the children.

  • Golden Retriever: When looking for a dog, all one wants is a friendly, vigilant, and lively dog, safe for both children and adult, which is why a golden retriever would be the perfect option.
  •  American Staffordshire terrier: behave well, they are extremely loyal and adjust quickly in the family they are owned by, just like they were born there and are a part of that family.

  • Mastiff: not only look sweet and innocent from face, but are also in nature very sweet and peaceful. They are gentle with children and are very protective whenever they feel threatened by someone for their owners or the children.
  • Mutts: There are many mixed breeds out there as well that can prove child-friendly, loyal, and family oriented. Mixed breeds, however, have to be checked carefully, their general behavior and reactions to make sure they are friendly. For this, you can take a one-day trip to a shelter of mixed breed and buy the best mutt, trusting your own careful inspection.
  • Newfoundland: are incredibly friendly and gentle with children. They are affectionate towards strangers and a family and are socially very well behaved and respectful.

When buying a dog, an individual, especially the parents, have to be very knowledgeable about the breed that they want to buy for the sake of their own safety and their children’s. For this, extensive research and browsing is obligatory. You should always remember, that having adopted a dog, you are responsible for his health and his life. This creature will love you all his life and you (as a good master) should do all your best to make him happy. And what can make your dog happier than a new accessory: an engraved leather dog collar, an ID tag for dogs or a dog toy?

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