Collection: Cat Safety Collar

Beautiful Stylish Cat Safety Collar on CollarDirect

Check out our amazing cat safety collar. Most of our safety collars come with an elastic strap that is designed to allow your cat to remove the collar if it snags on to something, which eliminates the possibility of choking. With such collar your cat will be much safer when playing outside.
Leather cat safety collar is made out of soft full-grain genuine leather. Nylon cat collars with bells are made out of durable yet soft and flexible nylon material. Both plain nylon collars and nylon collars with ornament are available. If you want your pet to be extra safe and stylish – check out our beautiful personalized cat safety collar. We can engrave any information of your choice on them, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc.
We offer cat safety collars in several materials: nylon cat collars and leather cat collars are available on our website.

Beautiful Cat Safety Collar for Your Pet

Our safety collars for cats feel very gentle on your cat’s neck due to good quality materials we use. It is a great choice for pets with sensitive skin. This cat safety collar is lightweight and is designed not to cause any discomfort to your pet. Vibrant color will make your cat easy to spot and a bright-colored tiny metal bell may help you to monitor kitten’s whereabouts. Please note that the color of bell may vary.