Nylon Cat Collar Safety Kitten Collar Breakaway Elastic Strap Skull Design Fish Pattern Bell Blue

Price from $7.99

This beautiful handmade cat-safe nylon cat collar comes with tiny metal bell. Kitten collar is available in one size.

High-quality materials provide security and comfort during walking, playing and other outdoor activities. 

We equipped this breakaway cat collar with heavy-duty D-ring and high quality plastic side release buckle.

You can adjust it to find the best fit to your cat.

Elastic strap is designed to allow trouble-free release in case your pet’s collar snags to something.

Wonderful patterns will make your cat easy to spot and a metal bell will help you monitoring kitten’s whereabouts.

Color of the bell may vary. It's safe and looks stylish!

This item goes in one size and 6 colors: mint green, blue, black, orange, red, pink.

Measurements in inches
Length Width Reference
7-11" 13/64" 49/2


Measurements in cm
Length Width Reference
18-28" 1 49/2

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Properties Features
Buckle Plastic Side Release
Hardware Steel D-Ring
Color Blue
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