Tribal Cat Collar Nylon Kitten Collar Safety Breakaway Side Release Buckle Bell Multicolor

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This beautiful handmade cat-safe nylon cat collar comes with a tiny metal bell. Kitten collar is available in one size.

High-quality nylon provides security and comfort during walking, playing and other outdoor activities. 

We equipped this breakaway cat collar with heavy-duty D-ring and high quality breakaway plastic side release buckle, that opens up if the collar is being pulled on. It allows trouble-free release in case your pet’s collar snags to something.

You can adjust the collar to find the best fit for your cat.

Wonderful tribal pattern will make your cat easy to spot and a metal bell will help you monitor kitten’s whereabouts. It's safe and looks stylish!

This item comes in one size.


Measurements in inches
Length Width Reference
7-11" 3/8" 49/1336


Measurements in cm
Length Width Reference
18-28 1 49/1336

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Properties Features
Buckle Breakaway Plastic Side Release
Hardware Steel D-Ring
Color Multicolor
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