Home Alone: Dog Edition

Home Alone: Dog Edition

There are times when you have to rush to the hospital for an emergency checkup or go to an event in which you were invited last minute. What about your dog in such cases? There are many ways that one can solve this problem by.

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Leaving dog home alone while at work

In case of pre-planning:

  1. Make appointments with Dog Daycares or Pet Vets. There are many Daycare for pets of all kind. Doggy Day cares have been in operation for about 10 years. These daycares take professional care of your dog and pamper them with every service they could need like bathing, eating, walking, playing etc. It is also an amazing way for your dogs to socialize.
  2. Call a Dog sitter.This is an easy alternative if you do not have the money or the membership for a Dog Daycare. You can ask a friend or relative to do this for you, and the best part about it is that this can be done in the luxury of your home.
  3. Make your dog tired. If you have an event for the night and you have been planning for it smart, then you can take you dog out for exerting activities so that by the time you have to leave, your dog would be in a dreamland and would sleep through the time you were out.
  4. Pre-training.When training a dog, you should prioritize leaving you dogs alone at the house for several days from the beginning. This will make them get used to being alone and making no damage at the house. This training might require dog muzzles in the beginning but care should be taken that their extensive use can lead to aggression.
  5. Prepare your dog. Before you leave for the night, prepare your dog by giving them adequate time to eject stool and enough food so that they do not grow impatient when you are gone.
  6. Foolproof House. Make sure you confine your dog in a spacious room where there are no antiques or expensive fragile objects which need to be out of the dogs reach. There should be enough space for the dog to play and there should be a ball or any favorite toy for the dog available.
leaving dog home alone while at work-dog alone at home-dog at home alone-how long can you leave a dog alone at home-can i leave my dog alone at home

How long can you leave a dog alone at home?

In case of an emergency:

  1. Time Management.It is very important to keep track of the time. Do not get drifted away or forget about your dog while you are out. Keeping the dog alone in the house can lead to problems.
  2. Leave the TV on. Dogs can often be kept entertained. This is easy for when you cannot arrange any daycare appointment or a sitter. The noise from the TV and the pictures would not make the dog feel lonely or scared.
  3. Isolation: If you have to isolate the dog in an empty room and lock it because you simply cannot trust your dog with the house alone cannot be a good idea if arrangements for the dog’s comfort are considered. For this purposes there are dog jails as well that can be expanded in size according to your own desire to keep the dog confined to a space and your house safe. And also don’t forget about possible ways of identification (dog collars with name plate can be a nice solution of this problem).
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