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Rolled Padded Leather Dog Leash 6ft

Rolled Padded Leather Dog Leash 6ft

  • Size XL is 1/2" wide. Total length of this rolled leather dog leash is 6ft.

  • Handmade rolled leather dog leash. Available in 14 colours - black, blue, red, orange, lime green, brown, pink, yellow, purple, navy, mint, beige and white - and 10 sizes. This heavy duty dog leash is made out of special treated soft leather. It feels very smooth and looks great. Will fit a dog of every size - small, meaduim, large and even puppy.

  • For this heavy duty dog leashes we use soft yet sturdy genuine cowhide leather to ensure that you get a durable good looking rolled leather dog lead. This leather dog leash can be used as a training leash as well as an everyday leash.

  • Our leather dog leashes come in an array of sizes, so you will find a perfect fitting dog lead easily – both leather dog leashes for small dogs and leather dog leashes for large dogs are available.

  • We make leather leashes in various colors to match our beautiful collars. Feel free to choose a perfect combination.

UPC (brown S) 810097524545

UPC (black M) 810097522268

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