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Take a look at our basket muzzle fo dogs. We have dog muzzle for biting that fits different dog breeds. Basket dog muzzle is also suitable for other dogs with similar snouts. Our dog muzzle is made out of soft and durable genuine leather. Natural leather is a soft yet sturdy material that holds its shape well, so you will get a long lasting good quality product.
Basket muzzle design is very comfortable – there is no shortage of air due to multiple openings. They will also provide ventilation so it will not get to hot inside a muzzle.
When we make our muzzles for dogs we use heavy duty hardware that will not rust or lose its shine in time. After your dog is set with a new muzzle - view our selection of dog toys. They will provide you with both fun and exercise!
If you like spending time with you dog outside, you might want to purchase one of our active dogs vests. They come in different bright colors and will make outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Measuring Your Dog for a Backet Dog Muzzle

First, using a soft measuring tape, measure from the very tip of your dog’s nose along the bridge of it to just below the point between dog’s eyes. Usually it is best to add approximately a quarter of an inch as you do not want the basket muzzle for dogs to be pressing right up against your pet's nose.
The second measurement you need to take is the circumference of your dog’s snout around the widest part.
Again, it’s a good idea to add another half an inch to allow free movement. Sizing is important, so please make sure you measure your dog carefully to ensure the correct size is purchased.