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  • Great dog collar!


    "Ordered it for my sweet little 7-lb dog and put it on her immediately. It’s a soft leather and she tolerates it. That’s a big deal for this picky little thing! I measured her neck and it was 10” around so I ordered the 9-11” collar. It fits and is on the smallest hole. Love it so far!"

    Lesli L.

    Rolled Leather Dog Collar 
  • Cute and nice quality


    "Surprisingly flexible and thin - in the best way! I was worried about it being heavy and that it would need to be worn in, but it’s soft and pliable from the get-go, and good quality! The color is perfect, exactly what I was looking for and looks pretty. It doesn’t bother her at all!"


    Leather Cat Collar 
  • Worth it!


    "I love the colors! I purchased three different ones the pink, royal blue, and teal color! My dogs have had them for a few months now the color is still there. They are very durable and have lasted longer than other collars we have had in the past! And the reflective is still there!"


    Reflective Dog Collar 
  • Comfortable and cute


    "Muzzle is adjustable for different needs (hiking, city walks, vet visits). It makes people feel safer with a strange dog and I don't have to worry about her finding a pizza slice on the ground. This product is also sturdy & can resist face rubbing on the couch or door in attempts to get it off."


    Soft Breathable Dog Muzzle 
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  • Great choice of Engraved dog collars and Personalized Leather dog collars at affordable price

    Our company offers a great variety of engraved dog collars and cat collars as well as other useful accessories for your beloved pets such as rolled leather dog leashes, harnesses, and muzzles as well as personalized dog tags. Here on our website you will be able to find all you need for your comfortable daily walks with your dog! Find the best handmade personalized dog collars and custom dog collars at affordable low prices and excellent customer service as the cornerstone of our company.

    It goes without saying that quality personalized dog collars and custom dog collars with nameplate and leashes are basic necessities for your dog's everyday walking and training exercises.In addition to our quality everyday collars and leads, we also offer dog owners more specialized items such as the professional quality soft rolled collars or leashes with custom leather dog collars that go perfectly together. Dog owners now have a chance to enjoy our engraved dog collars, soft rolled leather dog leashes and slip leads with an innovative design incorporating both soft and hard elements including an integrated nylon rope, offering a high level of comfort in the palm.

  • Personalized Leather Dog Collars and Engraved Leather Dog Collars with nameplate in veriaty of choices

    Here at CollarDirect you can order high-quality personalized custom dog collars with a personalized name plate. Of course, our designer dog id tags meet industry standards and our experienced engravers will accurately engrave your contact information on either our stainless steel or brass dog tag. You can have complete confidence that we always do our utmost to bring safety and convenience into your pet's life. We recommend buying personalized dog collars with nameplate to all of our clients. We hope your pet will never need to benefit from this precaution but should you pet become lost you will feel relieved knowing that one of our custom leather dog collars will help return him to you safely.

    Before making your purchases from our large range of colorful and quality items welcome you to visit our websites most popular categories: Personalized Leather Dog Collars with Nameplate, Leather Dog Collar, Dog Leashes, Dog Muzzles, Dog ID Tags.

    Our advantages are: Handmade products, Custom Leather color choices, Quality control, Great customer support!

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