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Adjustable Soft Breathable Tribal Nylon Dog Muzzle

Adjustable Soft Breathable Tribal Nylon Dog Muzzle

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  • DAILY ROUTINES MADE EASY - Our muzzle for large dogs and dog muzzles for medium dogs keeps them from barking, biting, howling or getting anxious around strangers. It is also handy when you need to bathe your pet, treat its ears, or trim its nails.

  • SECURE YET COMFY - No more basket muzzle or cage! Our dog muzzles are adjustable to shape comfortably over the mouth. Velcro straps ensure a snug fit. The 3D mesh is ultra-safe and lets your pet breathe and drink water easily.

  • ADJUSTABLE - Dogs can be anxious when wearing a muzzle the first time so help them adjust to it. Once fitted around the snout, fasten or clip the head strap during each wear, or slip over the head. Use the sliding holder to keep the excess strap in place.

  • SIZE OPTIONS - For a breed like Corgi, choose XS/S size. M/L will fit the puppy of a big dog or a female Pitbull. Adult male Danes etc., need L/XL. Our muzzles are not suitable for short snouts or small breeds like Chihuahua.

  • TRUSTED BRAND - CollarDirect has been developing dog-friendly products since 2010. We offer reflective dog collars and leashes compatible with our dog muzzles in our Amazon store.

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