What are your collars made of?

All our collars are made of  high quality materials: most of them are made of 100% natural leather and cotton.

Do you use genuine leather to manufacture your products?

Yes, we use top quality durable and soft leather. We test all our products on special equipment, so it can meet international standards quality requirements. All our products are pet safe.

 Do your colorful rolled leather collars and leashes leave any marks on hands or dog's fur? 

No, they do not. To manufacture our colorful rolled products we use specially dyed leather that will not leave any marks on your dog`s fur or hands even if they get wet.



How to choose the correct size for dog collars?

Standard dog collars 

To determine a proper size of a collar, measure the exact circumference of pet`s snug neck and add 1"-2" for a proper fit and comfort.

Martingale dog collars 

In order to get a correct size of a martingale collar you’ll need two measurements. First we recommend to measure a dog`s head including ears, at the widest point, to make sure you will be able to slip the collar over a dog`s head. Then measure a dog`s neck mid-part where the collar usually seats, that is a second measurement you will need.

For instance, a collar size is: the tightest 15" – the widest 19". This means that your dog`s head measurements should be less than 19" in order to slip this collar over the dog`s head and your dog`s neck should be around 16"-17" in order to control your dog.


How to choose the correct size for dog harnesses?


If you are going to order a dog harness and do not know what size to buy, make sure to measure dog's chest circumference before placing an order. It is measured at the widest point of dog's chest just behind the front legs. 

How to choose the correct size for dog muzzles?

For that you will need two measurements: a snout length and snout circumference. Circumference - measure approximately (small dogs and short snout dogs 1/2 inch below their eyes, big dogs 1 inch below their eyes) go all the way around the snout. Length - measure your dog from the inside corner of one eye to the tip of their nose.


Do you provide warranty for your leather goods?

We provide 3 month warranty. If the item turns out to be faulty within 3 month time from the date of delivery, you can return it.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal or Visa and Master Card processed by PayPal. PayPal offers the highest level of security in payment processing. No credit card information is ever stored on our servers, for safety measures.

How long does it usually take to receive my order?

Commonly it takes about two weeks. Most of our customers report they receive there packages from 8 to 16 business days, depending on a destination. 

Where do you ship from?

All orders are shipped from our shop warehouse in Ukraine, Europe

What do you use to ship your products?

All packages are shipped by either EMS or Economy Air Mail. Depending on a destanation this mail will be delivered by your local mail service. For United States it is USPS for the Great Britain – Royal Mail etc.

I ordered the collar and it didn`t fit, can I return it?

Yes, you have 30 days to return an item you bought for refund or exchange. 
The return address is: 

Return address for United States, Canada: 
4025 N. Nob Hill Rd.
Sunrise FL 33351 

Return address for European Union and other countries: 
Eletskaya 13
Chernihiv 14000


I like your products, can I offer a wholesale price so I can resell it?

Yes, we offer a wholesale to our customers. Our minimum wholesale order is $500. For details please send us your contact information to collardirect@gmail.com and we will provide you with our wholesale product list that includes product images, sizes and prices.

If I make a wholesale order to resell your products online, can you provide with high resolution pictures for my website?

Yes, we will supply you with high quality product images, as well as product details for your website.